Emma on the cover of Pies and Prejudice, the fourth book.

Emma Jane Hawthorne, (born c.1997) was the daughter of Phoebe and Nicholas Hawthorne, and the younger sister of Darcy Hawthorne.

She was named after Emma Woodhouse in the novel Emma, by the author Jane Austen.

Emma was a member of the original Mother-Daughter Book Club, along with her mother and friends.

She grew up in the town of Concord, Massaccusetts, with the exception of her ninth grade year, which she spent in England.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Emma is described as "bookish" in the novels, however is easily offended and believes that the Fab Four will destroy her eventually. However, she still has the tendency to hold onto memories, believing that her friend Megan will come back and become one of her best friends again.

She does love books, probably due to the fact that her father is a novelist and her mother is a librarian.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Emma is described as having curly, brown hair and being of medium height. She has purple glasses until Home For The Holidays, when she gets black glasses.  

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