Cassidy Ann Sloane, (born c. 1997) is the daughter of Clementine Sloane and David Sloane. She is the sister of Courtney Sloane and Chloe Sloane-Kinkaid, as well as the step-daughter of Stanley Kinkaid.


Cassidy on the cover of Much Ado About Anne, the second book

Cassidy was one of the original book club members.

In Wish You Were Eyre, she dated Zach Norton for awhile and ended up dating Tristan Berkley.


Cassidy was born in 1997 in Laguna Beach, California to supermodel Clementine Sloane. Her father, David Sloane's, job was never mentioned but he loved sports. 


Cassidy is described as tall with uncombed red hair and grey eyes, although on her cover she has brown eyes.


Cassidy is tough, mischevious and loud. She doesn't let the Fab Four/Three bother her and she tries to get Emma out of that habit as well. She's known for her pranks, which happen very frequently and her stubborness. 

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